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Entrepreneur/Startup Resources & Tools--Nov '12
I am frequently asked for recommended resources and tools for entrepreneurs and startups. So here is a list of tools, blogs and other resources that I have personally used and would use again in my startups. There are many other options that aren't on my list, but I have limited the list to options I've used or worked with recently and they tend towards my home base of SoCal. I also left some obvious options off because of bad experiences with them. I'll try to update this every so often, so ...

You Know You're An Entrepreneur If (#3)...
You know you're an entrepreneur if you have an 'interesting' career path.

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Servicing the Software Industry—
7 New Rules for Software Business
There is something abuzz in the software industry and this time it is not coming from a new hotshot start-up or being propagated by a massive marketing campaign. The buzz is coming from customers and developers alike and it is called Software as a Service, or SaaS for short.